Who is Susy

Susanna Di Cosimo nicknamed by friends as Susy was born in Naples in Southern Italy, the motherland of Pizza. A passionate traveller, she moved to India in 2013. This was the beginning of a whole new journey and a dream came true.

She runs a successful inbound tour operator with a colleague for Italian travellers who want to unravel the mysteries and beauty of India. Many also know Susanna for her talent for cooking traditional Italian dishes, looking for the best ingredients so to offer an authentic Italian experience.

So when Covid struck, the unexpected happened and travel business across the world shut down completely. It seemed like a new calling to re-live her passion for cooking Neapolitan Pizzas.

The pizza she used to make for friends & family turned into a new project and thus Pizzeria da Susy was born. Today Susanna, with her passion, courage and the ability to re-invent herself, brings to you the flavours of authentic pizza from the alleys of Naples.

Da Susy is now a cosy place in the Millennium city of Gurugram.

Story of Neapolitan Pizza

The first real “tomato and mozzarella” pizza dates back to the mid-1800s, but official recognition and approval dates back to 1889, on the occasion of the visit to Naples of the sovereigns of Italy King Umberto I and the Queen Margherita I. The story begins with Raffaele Esposito, the best cook of the time, who created an extraordinary pizza “tomato, mozzarella and basil” for the occasion, whose colours recalled the colours of the Italian flag (red, white and green). The pizza was dedicated to the queen, which had sent a letter of appreciation, thus taking the name of Margherita. Today, all over the world, Pizzaioli Masters re-propose their versions of Neapolitan pizza, by renovating, experimenting and creating new amazing flavours but pizza Margherita will always have the place of honour on the menu of any authentic Neapolitan pizzeria.

Our culture has its roots in our past and traditions without neglecting an eye to the future through the study of new culinary trends.

What is Neapolitan Style pizza

The authentic “pizza napoletana” presents a thin dough and a higher border called “cornicione” which is airy and light. The pizza must be soft to the point of being folded like a booklet, a shape we define “a portafoglio”, but still a bit fragrant. The flavour is the result of the balance between the taste of bread, the sourness of the tomato and the sweetness of fresh mozzarella.

Neapolitan pizza is cooked in special wood or gas ovens at about 430/485°C for 90/120 seconds. To create a nice and airy cornicione, the pizzaiuolo pushes the air from the bottom of the dough, into the outer border, the cornicione. The high temperature of the oven, then, does the rest of the job by inflating the cornicione which is crunchy outside yet soft and light inside.

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